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EWare24 builds machines that resist cutting loads, based on a commitment to advanced machine designing and high-quality casting structures.

After carefully selecting high-quality castings, a rigorous forging process makes the machine structure more robust and internally resistant to cutting loads.

The strategically placed diagonal ribs, along with thicker casting walls for the load-absorbing guide and tables in particular, fortify the machine construction, thereby achieving high accuracy even in heavy-duty cutting, and maintaining many years of high-quality production.

EWare24’s Collision Avoidance System prevents crashes in any situation, whether in auto or manual mode.

In the OSP control, Collision Avoidance System uses the 3D model data of the mechanical components (workpiece, tools, chuck, fixtures, spindle, turrets, tailstock) to simulate machine operations before actual cutting starts.

CAS checks for interference and stops machine operation just before a collision. Whether in auto or manual mode, crashes are prevented in any situation and that provides customers with “no-worries confidence.”